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violent conflict/political lyrics
Author Topic

As it fades...

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Posted: February 1, 2021 13:32:53

I was listening Forlorn Hope today and then I realised how interesting it would be if AF would write a song about the conflict in Darfur. (thousands of deaths, refugees, rapes, burned villages and terrible destruction, the impact on families, responses of the international community and so on)

I also was very impressed by the lyrics of Living Shields.. The band proved they can still write about these types of issues, and not only about the Isreali-Palestina conflict..

This lyrics are really about something heavy! Just like the lyrics of Invisible Circles..

the latest album does not such a political conflict-related song.... (although Equally Destructive is about the climate change, but could have been more explicit and related to emotions of individuals..)

It would be very interesting if the next album features again songs about (international) politics, conflict and war.

What is your opinion about this? What types of lyrics do you propose for next albums of After Forever (or their side-projects?)


Faith's Slave

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Posted: February 1, 2021 16:50:27

Would be great to have agan real life meaning songs, kinda like eccentric, sins of idealism ( if my ideals are sins to me they are the strengh within then I shall stay I sinner ) Love that !!!!! Heavy songs as de-energized!

Ù Rafa Ù\r\nMaster of the forum

The Queen

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Posted: February 1, 2021 17:33:03


I would like something like that!
And, as already had been said it in this forum, more strong lyrics with depth meanings like you say: wars, life actual conflicts, etc
all of that would hook again more metal fans to AF
(hahaha :P)


Jack in a box

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Posted: February 2, 2021 13:19:39

well, the political stuff were more a theme of Mark, but I'd like more of these lyrics again too... or lyrics about problems in society and stuff like that like Gloryfing Means and the IC-album... these lyrics are usually AF's strongest lyrics IMO..

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