29 April 2007

Earthshaker roadCRASH !

Hi all !

hereby our first tourupdate, and yes...again it's Muphy's law: we had our first tourbusaccident ! Last night when we were driving from Osnabruck to Hamburg some of us were woken up by a big bang. It seemed that the trailer of the tourbus in front us lost a wheel and crashed into the back of our bus. Luckily no one was hurt, but of course we were shocked a little by it and we lost quite some time ;o)

But...besides that we're having a very good time on tour, we play nice venues and especially because of the great weather during daytime !
Right now we're about to play our 3rd show in the Markthalle in Hamburg - Germany.

We've uploaded the first pics, so check this link !!!

cu all soon on the road, we'll keep you updated !

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