22 July 2007

Fanclubmeeting August 26th

Hello After Forever fan, 

We have planned a nice little party with the After Forever members, and
you are invited!

What is it that we have in mind?
We invite you to get to Ede (NL) on Sunday the 26th of August. First we
make sure that everyone from the NS station gets to the place to be;
the Nature Centre. For the cardrivers; this may mean you have to drive
2 times from the NS station to the location. We hope that's not a problem. 

From there off we have an activity; it has something to do with
walking, so be prepared! :) When we arrive back, we get the time for
relaxing during a barbecue! 

In short
You can bring one friend.
We gather at the NS station Ede-Wageningen 15:00u (3:00 pm) End of the
bbq ± 21:00u (9:00 pm)
Costs: 15 EUR pp including meal; drinks are 1 euro 

To register for this meeting you have to fill in the form at the
Members Area of our website (menu: FanArea -> Meetings).
Because of the reservation, closing date is 19 August.


For more information you can contact  Beyond Them


Hope to see you there! 

Beyond Them 




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