17 August 2007

Rumours Latin America Tour 2007 not true

We thought we would post this to stop any further rumours circulating, and to correct some errors of others. We have been exploring possibilities to tour in Latin America. Touring Latin America is an amazing experience both for us as people, and as artists. It's something we are hugely looking forward to doing, and meeting with those that value our music and show. There are some very special people and places in Latin America.

While we were looking in to various options for shows, it seems that show(s) were put on sale. We are deeply frustrated by certain promoter's actions. For the record and to be clear about this, we never confirmed (either verbally or in writing) any shows in 2007 in Latin America. Therefore no shows should have been put on sale. If any were, then this is wholly down to the promoter's actions. We are as annoyed as everyone else by that, this should not have happened. We are looking in to this situation, and we will not be working with the promoter again.

We would ask all fans to check on www.afterforever.com for all official news. All confirmed shows are posted on our website. Any shows not on our website, are not confirmed, and therefore should not be on sale, and certainly nobody should buy any tickets. So, again, we would ask fans to check on www.afterforever.com for all official news.

We are also pleased to announce we will be coming to tour in Latin America in the first half of 2008 . Please check www.afterforever.com for official news of the dates...when they are confirmed. We are very much looking forward to seeing you.

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