20 August 2007

Luuk gets endorsed by Warwick

Proudly I would like to announce that Warwick offered me an endorsement. I've been playing Warwick basses since 2002, when I bought a 4-string Thumb bass. Its crystal-clear sound in combination with the beautiful 'wooden look' made me very satisfied with this bass at the time. And I still am!
A couple of months ago I was invited to the Warwick office in the German village 'Markneukirchen', close to the Czech Republic. After a warm welcome I got a guided tour through the factory. It was very interesting to see how a piece of wood was turned into a sophisticated bass guitar. Afterwards I could try all kinds of different Warwick basses, it was like Kindergarten. However, I'm still stuck with my good old Thumb bass, it's too good to replace yet! Anyway, with this endorsement I can easily decide to switch to another Warwick bass in the future. Interesting to mention is that I am the only Dutch Warwick endorser at the moment on a large list of international endorsers including amongst others James Lomenzo (Megadeth) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish).

More information can be found at: 


Or you can go to the Warwick website:


Rock on!


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