4 December 2007

Show Hengelo cancelled...

Hi everybody,

Last Friday, on my way to a gig in the Czech Republic, I had a seizure attack in the airplane. No one knows exactly what it was at this point, but it was similar to an epileptic attack and was very scary.

After that, I was taken to an Austrian hospital where I stayed for one day. They did some research and told me to go to the hospital in Holland for more tests to find out exactly what the cause of the episode was.
I'm back in Holland now, and I'll keep you updated about my condition as soon as I know more.
Since I'm aware of the fact it could be related to my recent burn out, and the doctors confirmed this, I have to take absolute rest the upcoming week.
That means I will not be able to do the gig scheduled for this coming Friday in Hengelo.

Of course, I feel really frustrated, but let's hope I have more information soon.

Take care!


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