12 December 2007

News about the december shows

Sander will not be able to do the December shows but we still want to give you a great night with After Forever and special guests!!!

Earlier this year we found a great guest singer in George (ex-Orphanage, singer of Pleurisy and drummer in Kutschurft).

He will be joining us on stage again in Rotterdam on the 21st and in Hardenberg at the 26nd!

For the other shows we found another great guest growler: Dennis Schreurs, singer of Severe Torture. He will scream along with us in:

P60, Amstelveen

Fenix, Sittard

013, Tilburg

P3, Purmerend

Next to that Irene Jansen (Ayreon, Star One) will sing a duet with her sister Floor!!! She will join After Forever on stage in:

P60, Amstelveen

Waterfront, Rotterdam

013, Tilburg

We have some great guests coming up so keep checking our website for up to date information!

See you soon!!!


After Forever

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