Biography Floor Jansen

I joined After Forever in 1997 as a 16 year old girl who liked metal. I wanted to sing and perform and to become famous of course J I never expected the band to become as big as it did, music became my full time job and biggest passion!
Next to the band I studied and during and after that did many things next to that.

I started my study at the Dutch Rockacademy in the year 1999. That’s when I knew music would become my future. A dream came true. During my study I learned a lot about the whole music industry and of course, what kind of music there is besides metal. I became a musician able to perform in many styles of music!
After my third year I took singing lessons at the conservatory. This made me even broader, you can let me sing in a metalband but also in a popband, in a musical, an opera or a bluesband.
During my study I started to teach performing lessons already with my own course called; ‘Wanna be a Star?!’ I have continued giving lessons, not just performing courses but mainly singing lessons (and workshops).

After my study at the Rockacademy I continued studying to check out even more about different styles of music and singing. I did one more year at the Music Theatre departure at the conservatory and one year of opera.

Today my main thing is definitely After Forever, in the time left I teach and do some workshops and cool projects (like Classics in Rock for example)
More info about me can be found on my My Space page

(about hobbies, favorite music, books, movies, etc, and more…)

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