Biography Sander Gommans

Hi there!:-)

I'm Sander Gommans, composer/guitarist and grunter of After Forever.
I started the band in 1995 (called Apocalypse), and changed the name eventually in After Forever.

After Forever has become a very big part of my life, and recently I decided to quit my job as a teacher to be able to give After Forever the full attention it deserves.
I wrote a lot of music for After Forever, but still it's unbelievable how much freedom and creativity I can use in new songs for After Forever.
It seems we created a band that makes it possible to combine all kinds of different styles, this way the writing proces will always stay interesting and exiting.

It's no secret that I like that and the recording proces most of all, and it makes me feel very lucky that all our fans make this possible.
Writing music, that actually will be released on an album distributed worldwide, is a great experience, and always special!

After Forever has not only been a great experience for me musically, but certainly also social and businesswise.
I feel After Forever contributed a lot to the person I am now, and I think I will appreciate this contribution more and more in the future.
Though I worked extremely hard for what I achieved, I also have to admit that we were also very lucky.
After Forever has got the most loyal and enthousiastic fans a band can wish for, and that's what keeps us going!

Next to After Forever I've also got a project, more agressive and guitaroriented than After Forever, but still very melodic.
Check it out:
I''ve been working with a lot of guestmusicians from different parts of the metal/music scene wich makes it a pretty unique project.
On this myspace site I'll keep you updated, this will probably not be performed live, but expect the release of an HDK album in the near future:-) 

Equipment After Forever/ HDK

Hufschmid Guitars (kick ass handmade guitars made by Patrick Hufschmid!)
Gibson Explorer
P.R.S. 24 Custom
Marshall jmp 1 pre amp
Engl amps

Stay METAL!!! (if not....collecting he-man figures is also cool:-)

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