Biography Luuk van Gerven

I joined After Forever in their early beginnings in 1996. The band was called ‘Apocalypse’ at the time and we knew each other from high school. The nice thing was that we could barely play our instruments at the time. In my case I actually had never touched a bass guitar before. I used to play the guitar a little and during my first band rehearsal I noticed that a bass guitar only has only four strings and that the distance between the frets is much larger… Over the years I’ve learned how to play the bass and learned about its function in our music and music in general. My fellow bandmembers experienced the same learning process so little by little we became more professional. When I joined the band I never expected us to be at the stage where we are now, being professional musicians J

There are a lot of different aspects of the band that I like. First of all I love to perform. It is awesome to see a crowd that appreciates your music and goes wild on it. It gives a certain boost of energy which is quite addictive (in a good way though). Secondly, recording a new album is something I really like. It is totally different from playing live in such a way that it makes you look at your way of playing in a more critical and very useful way. What I also like about being in the studio is the piecewise reconstruction of a song. You start with the drums and subsequently new instruments/layers are added which emphasizes the role of each instrument. Thirdly, I like the interaction within the band and crew. Most of the time we are having a lot of fun! Also I like the interaction with our fans J
Of course there are also some things that I don’t like too much. For example doing a photo session is not one of my favourite activities…

I used to be a student apart from the band. I have a Master degree in Geophysics. This study is related to the driving forces behind earthquakes and plate tectonics and furthermore it aims at describing the interior of the earth. I just finished a second Master in Hydrology, where I specialized in rivers and their hydraulics. Now that I am graduated I can fully concentrate on music J However, I will keep in touch with my studies. Furthermore I like to sport, especially squash. Also I like to catch up with my friends when I have time for that ;)

Well, take care and I hope to see you soon at a concert!

Equipment: Warwick Thumb Bass, Ampeg SVT2 Pro (Amplifier), Ampeg 8*10 cabinet

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