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Joost van den Broek was born on the 13th of July 1982 which makes him 24 years old. He has been playing keyboard for 14 years now. 4 years he studied at the conservatorium in Enschede ‘Musicproduction & Keyboards’, after his graduation he started a masterstudy called 'Musictechnology' of which he graduated cum laude in 2006 and specialized himself as a performer, producer and arranger.
Joost plays/played for a.o. Classics in Rock (, Star One/Ayreon ( , Sun Caged (, Sphere of Souls (, VandenBerg, ANAND ( and Robby Valentine ( Thereby he has done several productions and arrangements for various bands and projects.
His major influences are: Steve Vai, Derek Sherinian, Queen, Pink Floyd, Ayreon/Star One, Keane, Muse, Jamiroquai & Devin Townsend.
Playing keyboards in a metalband is something Joost always enjoyed most, being a full part of a band, their sound and perfomance. One of the things he likes most is producing the fattest and weirdest sounds on his synthesizer and playing the keytar (shoulderkeyboard) !

Playing in After Forever gives him a lot of new opportunities and freedom musically as well as professionally. Remagine is the first album featuring Joost. After Forever gave him a lot of space to write, arrange and produce this release with them and all the upcoming !

Short other things you should know about Joost:

Nickname: Juicy or Juiced
Gear: Clavia Nordlead 3, Korg Triton, korg Trinity, Yamaha P-90 and P-80 Stagepiano, Roland AX-1 and AX-7 Shoulderkeyboard, Roland Juno Alfa 2, MicroKorg, Yamaha A-4000 Sampler, Roland sustain & expression pedals, Ultimate stands, Logic Audio Platinum & Protools M-powered (PC).
Joost endorses Clavia Nordlead, Korg, Roland and Ultimate Stands .
Spare time: my girlfriend, sleeping, besides that music all the time…
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