5 January 2008
a break for After Forever
Beste fans, zoals jullie ongetwijfeld gemerkt hebben, heeft A  ...» read more

26 December 2007
Singer Detonation (Koen) gastgrowler in P3
Zanger Detonation (Koen) gastgrunter in P3 Aanstaande vrijdag z  ...» read more
22 December 2007
New video online
check out the new video in the downloadsection  ...» read more
20 December 2007
Speciale gasten op podium bij After Forever in 013
Speciale gasten op podium bij After Forever in 013 Aanstaande z  ...» read more
18 December 2007
special news about the upcoming show at Harderberg
Kerst special !!!  Al vele jaren wordt er om gevraagd; wann  ...» read more
18 December 2007
Review online
There's a new dutch review about the gig @ Fenix online. www.roar  ...» read more
12 December 2007
News about the december shows
Sander will not be able to do the December shows but we still want to  ...» read more
12 December 2007
New dutch interview online
Read the new interview with Floor on F  ...» read more
10 December 2007
Videomessage from Irene Jansen !
Dutch version:   English version:    ...» read more
4 December 2007
Show Hengelo cancelled...
Hi everybody, Last Friday, on my way to a gig in the Czech Repub  ...» read more
20 November 2007
Interview and Review online
Check out a new interview with After Forever at  www.  ...» read more
20 November 2007
free tickets Purmerend show
Want to win free tickets for the After Forev er show in P3 Purmerend?  ...» read more
31 October 2007
New video online
The second part of the american Tour report can be found at the down  ...» read more
18 October 2007
First American Tourreport
Check out the first American Tourreport in the download section  ...» read more
18 October 2007
Equally Destructive tiptopper @ Extra-FM
Deze week, de hele week, elk uur Equally Destructive van After Foreve  ...» read more
11 October 2007
New interview online
Floor gave an interview during the Lowlands Festival. you can find t  ...» read more
9 October 2007
AF @ Goothstock
After Forever just confirmed a gig at the Goothstock Festival in Ridd  ...» read more
9 October 2007
Venue Toronto changed
Some last minute news for the fans attending our gig in Toronto - Can  ...» read more
1 October 2007
2 new video's
There are two new video's online of AF's adventures on tour. che  ...» read more
26 September 2007
new stuff online
We put a lot of new stuff online. In the download section you ca  ...» read more
13 September 2007
2 new videos online
Wanna know what the band is doing during their european tour? Check o  ...» read more
4 September 2007
pictures fanmeeting online
You can find some pictures of the fanmeeting in the photogallery.  ...» read more
4 September 2007
New layout MySpace page
Check out our new MySpace page, with a new design, cool new banners a  ...» read more
3 September 2007
Pictures gig Hilversum online
The pics of the concert in Hilversum are online at the photogallery  ...» read more
31 August 2007
New video's online
We put some backstage video's online. In the videosection you can f  ...» read more
21 August 2007
Last saturday After Forever gave a fantastic gig at the Lowlands Fest  ...» read more
21 August 2007
American Streetteam
After Forever has his own official American Streetteam. For more info  ...» read more
20 August 2007
Luuk gets endorsed by Warwick
Proudly I would like to announce that Warwick offered me an endorseme  ...» read more
17 August 2007
Rumours Latin America Tour 2007 not true
We thought we would post this to stop any further rumours circulating  ...» read more
14 August 2007
Video acoustic performance at 3FM
For those who missed the acoustic performance of After Forever at 3FM  ...» read more
9 August 2007
AF @ Giel Beelen 3FM
This Tuesday the members of After Forever are guests at the dutch rad  ...» read more
9 August 2007
Blog L.A. promotion trip
Hi there, today I arrived with more than one jetlag in the Neth  ...» read more
29 July 2007
Want to meet Sander and Floor in LA?
Dutch guitarist & composer Sander Gommans is very familiar with t  ...» read more
25 July 2007
Promotion Tour USA
Sander & Floor zullen van 30jul – 4aug in Los Angeles (USA)  ...» read more
25 July 2007
new items online shop
Now online: After forever strings & tops @ the online shop at&nbs;  ...» read more
22 July 2007
Fanclubmeeting August 26th
Hello After Forever fan,  We have planned a nice little par  ...» read more
20 July 2007
Tourvideo Masters Of Rock online
After Forever decided to take you with them while their touring. S  ...» read more
12 July 2007
Floor @ Games in Concert Lowlands
Muziek van topgames als Metal Gear Solid 2, Killzone en World of Warc  ...» read more
6 July 2007
"Equally Destructive" @ BNN during Live Earth 2007
Saturday 07-07-2020 the new arranged video of "Equally Destructi  ...» read more
6 July 2007
Interview with Sander online
FaceCulture, , spoke to Sander Gommans from After  ...» read more
5 July 2007
European Tour After Forever confirmed
To promote our new album "After Forever", we'll be doing a  ...» read more
28 June 2007
Geëngageerde clip bij ‘Equally Destructive’ van After Forever
Op de buitengewoon populaire website is een videoclip te  ...» read more
19 June 2007
Pics Fields of Rock, Download Festival and Romania online
Thanks to Christel Brouwer of   and Al  ...» read more
18 June 2007
Pics online
The pictures of De Kade - Zaandam and Bibelot - Dordrecht are onl  ...» read more
9 June 2007
New pics online
Thanks to our crewmember Allert (FOH) we can show you some ppics of t  ...» read more
8 June 2007
After Forever @ TMF Reaction
Dear fans, due to your great support by voting on the TMF site  ...» read more
4 June 2007
2 nieuwe prijsvragen
Via de sites en kan je 2 kaarten voor  ...» read more
3 June 2007
Energize Me at MySpace Music Netherlands
The video "Energize Me" can be seen at MySpace Music Netherl  ...» read more
29 May 2007
Win kaarten voor Bibelot
Via de site  kunnen jullie kaarten winne  ...» read more
29 May 2007
AF @ Lowlands
At August 18 After Forever plays at Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen  ...» read more
26 May 2007
AF records new video @ Bibelot
During the upcoming gig @ Bibelot Dordrecht,  June 15,   ...» read more
26 May 2007
More info American Tour
As all of you may know, After Forever will be touring in North America  ...» read more
22 May 2007
nieuwe datum optredens Tsjechie en Apeldoorn
Ons optreden in de Gigant Apeldoorn is verplaatst naar zondag 15 juli.  ...» read more
21 May 2007
AF no5 @ interactive chart TMF
Thanks to your help and support After Forever has reached number 5 at  ...» read more
17 May 2007
AF @ PureFM
Vanavond vanaf 22.00 zal After Forever te horen zijn bij PureFM.   ...» read more
16 May 2007
AF @ Earthshaker Festival
AF plays at the Earthshaker Festival in Germany at the 21 of July. Bec  ...» read more
14 May 2007
AF no 5 at interactive chart TMF
Thanks to your help and support After Forever has reached number  ...» read more
10 May 2007
Win a After Forever t-shirt
What to do? Collect as many reviews and interviews of After Forever  ...» read more
9 May 2007
New pictures Earthshaker Roadshock Tour
New pictures made during the Eathshaker Roadshock tour are online. the  ...» read more
7 May 2007
Waerdse tempel is on !
Ondanks het abrupte einde van de Earthshaker-tour heeft After Forever  ...» read more
7 May 2007
'Energize me' used in movietrailer !
Starting from last weekend  a movietrailer of 'Herrschaft des Feu  ...» read more
5 May 2007
North American dates !
We're very happy and proud to announce our first North American tour !  ...» read more
5 May 2007
AF @ Swedenrock, Download festival & Fields of Rock !!!
This is the first update about the upcoming summerfestivals... Af  ...» read more
5 May 2007
Tour cancelled...
Hi all ! we are very sorry and disappointed to let you know the E  ...» read more
4 May 2007
After Forever not at Metal Female Voices Fest 2007
We are very sorry to announce that we will not be able to attend the M  ...» read more
2 May 2007
More charts-news !
Our latest single 'Energize me'  has gone up from #95 to #65 in  ...» read more
30 April 2007
Pictures Hof Ter Lo online
To see  the pics of the first show of the Earthshaker Roadshock  ...» read more
29 April 2007
Earthshaker roadCRASH !
Hi all ! hereby our first tourupdate, and yes...again it's Muphy'  ...» read more
27 April 2007
Start of tour !
Today we've started the Eartshaker Roadshock-tour in Antwerp-Belgium.  ...» read more
27 April 2007
After Forever 6th position in the dutch charts!
After Forever's position in the dutch albumcharts is higher then ever  ...» read more
25 April 2007
Studio Brussel streaming online
Last Tuesday After Forever gave an acoustic show at radiostation Radio  ...» read more
20 April 2007
Video's acoustic set at MySpace
Tuesday april 18th After Forever did an acoustic set @ Recordstore Fam  ...» read more
20 April 2007
AF @ Studio Brussel
A.s. dinsdag 24 april zal AF een acoustisch optreden en een interview  ...» read more
19 April 2007
Site & CD !!!
Na het lange wachten en aftellen van de timer is het eindelijk zover..  ...» read more
19 April 2007
Vote for 'Energize me'
Op kan je stemmen op de single Energize Me. Geef j  ...» read more

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